Saturday, January 29, 2005

Living in Taiwan...

Um...anybody noticed the rolling armory of natural gas (I am not referring to a big bus load of people that just finished a Stinky Tofu eating contest all farting with the windows rolled down).

After living in Taiwan, I realized the gov is pretty much trying to catch up with the progress of its people. From being a provincial temporary gov thinking will be going back to China sometime, to a real national government that is pretty much insignificant to other countries. Though it might be a sad point of view (Gov: Hey! Lookee here, we a country!!), it is a huge endeavour. So this site is dedicated to all the weird and bothering things that is noticed during my tenure here in Taiwan (however long that may be...).

Oh! Cool! A Fight! Fight! People fighting over parking spots! FOR SCOOTERS!!!....sigh...


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