Sunday, July 31, 2005


!!賣 Zboard 得獎品!!

哪種獎品?? $$現金$$

*要賣之前,先跟我聯絡(email:, 查庫存量和得到一個代碼。 你介紹買的人,買那時候要提到這代碼。
*賣家(我)收到全所有得所得 (原價 + 運費),我會主動通知你或你可以跟我聯絡。

Level 1 列兵-Private

Level 2
幫我賣十個,我送你一個 (1700)!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Conscription Run Jan 31, 05

Just came back from a conscription run. My 4 months was up. This trip was pretty interesting, I met new people on this trip. Others that were just like me, overseas Chinese that had to leave every 4 months. So it is possible to do this afterall.

If you have a Taiwanese passport and would like to come back to Taiwan:
1. Stay in a foreign country for longer than 4 years, Or if you hold a permanent residence of another country.
2. Apply for an Overseas Chinese Identification certificate with the OCAC (Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission).
3. Just make sure you leave every 4 months during your stay in Taiwan. Before you can exit Taiwan, remember to get an exit permit (a stamp) on your passport with the Ministry of Interior.

And get this, all you have to do is LEAVE the don't have to enter another country. Yup, thats right. All you have to do is leave Taiwan. You can go to the beautiful international waters! OR go to any airport of your choice WITHOUT entering through immigrations. Yes, thats right, you can just go to HK airport, not go through immigrations and just catch the next plane back to Taiwan! Guess the Taiwan gov just wanted to give us a reason to be able to be excused from the military...

Saturday, January 29, 2005

2003 Yamaha Majesty F1 -125 cc fuel injection problems.

Before buying Yamaha fuel injection scooters (whether Majesty or the newer Cygnus SR F1), there is a note to consider. Due to the small displacement of these engines (125 cc) and the sake of lowering costs, Yamaha engineers have left out an fuel/air ratio sensor at the exhaust. This results in needing to tune the air/fuel mixture computer for the fuel injection during EACH oil change...which is not noted in the instruction manuals. Yamaha notified stores to tune the engines during each oil change. But because each Yamaha resale store are individually owned, service quality varies. Therefore, owners of scooters have to remind the stores to tune it while changing the oil. Even though the service is suppose to be free, you know...its best to endorse other services to make sure they did the job right. FYI: what happens if you don't tune it? The engine will die everytime you release the accelerator (eg. at the red light, slowing down, etc.).

Besides the engine, the only other complaint is that the compartments under the seat is not big enough for 2 helmets even though it can carry 2. I have to fit my rain coat and gloves in the front glove compartment and put my locks in the compartment under the seat. With the locks in the seat compartment, 1 heltmet will hardly fit in it. So consider this point if you require to carry large loads. Otherwise its a great getaway scooter...(for getting away from whatever).

Living in Taiwan...

Um...anybody noticed the rolling armory of natural gas (I am not referring to a big bus load of people that just finished a Stinky Tofu eating contest all farting with the windows rolled down).

After living in Taiwan, I realized the gov is pretty much trying to catch up with the progress of its people. From being a provincial temporary gov thinking will be going back to China sometime, to a real national government that is pretty much insignificant to other countries. Though it might be a sad point of view (Gov: Hey! Lookee here, we a country!!), it is a huge endeavour. So this site is dedicated to all the weird and bothering things that is noticed during my tenure here in Taiwan (however long that may be...).

Oh! Cool! A Fight! Fight! People fighting over parking spots! FOR SCOOTERS!!!....sigh...